Enough already. Not enough is being done about the fact that 104,000 Calgarians are living in poverty. It's a complex issue that won't solve itself – so we need to act now. Businesses, charities, and networks in Calgary need to come together and take decisive action to end poverty in our city. We're all in this together – and together we can make a real difference as Champions for Change.

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Facing challenges is easier when you face them as a team and that is why we’re delighted be a champion of Enough for All. We believe that working alongside partner organizations is essential for making a real impact on the issues we’re most passionate about. Our focus in this community-wide initiative is on advancing the principle of a trauma-centered approach with mental health. By aligning with Enough for All, we will make a bigger impact in the lives of those who need us the most.

Carlene Donnelly, Executive Director, CUPS, Champion since 2019

YWCA Calgary has been collaborating with Enough for All since its launch in 2013. As a partner of Enough for All, YW strives to ensure that all Calgarians have the support and resources they need to thrive. We know safe and healthy families improve economic and social conditions for everyone, and we work in collaboration with our community partners to transform the issues of abuse, poverty and homelessness to create a brighter future for the whole community.

Sue Tomney, CEO, YWCA Calgary, Champion since 2019

Calgary Learns is pleased to champion Enough for All 2.0. Gaps in literacy skills can make it difficult for Calgarians to successfully navigate complex social and economic systems and put them at further risk of experiencing poverty. The E4A 2.0 revised strategy recognizes the importance of literacy and foundational learning as a critical lever of change. We look forward to contributing a literacy lens to the collaborative work with all champions.

Nancy Purdy, Executive Director, Calgary Learns, Champion since 2019

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Aspire Calgary is a multi-sector collaborative of over 30 organizations working to implement financial empowerment in the city of Calgary as part of the City’s poverty reduction strategy, Enough for All. Aspire Calgary improves the financial wellbeing of Calgarians living on low income by building the capacity of our partners to implement financial empowerment strategies and interventions.
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The Burns Memorial Fund provides financial assistance to children, youth, and their families. The Burns Fund also allocates funding to Calgary- based charities working with vulnerable children and youth and participates in community-wide collaborations intended to address the systemic issues which negatively impact low-income individuals.
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The Calgary Alliance for the Common Good is a non-partisan and non-profit alliance of congregations, unions, school and community groups in Calgary representing more than 30,000 people. These organizations came together to form the Calgary Alliance for the Common Good in order to organize the power of our communities to shape a just and compassionate city.
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Calgary Learns is a granting agency that supports foundational learning for adult Calgarians. Through community consultations, research and needs assessments, we help our members respond to current learning issues. We make community-based learning accessible, and promote the value of learning.
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Calgary Reads asks the question, “What if every child had the opportunity to read with confidence and joy?” We imagine a world where reading flourishes and every child has the literacy skills to learn something new, travel the world, and find inspiration, connection, and comfort – all within the pages of their favourite books. Ours is a story of collaboration, with schools, educators and community partners who work with us to offer programs, events and resources that nurture a love of reading. Together, we are igniting a movement to strengthen literacy and give children a brighter future.
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The Community Housing Affordability Collective (CHAC) is the collective engine for improving housing affordability in Calgary through cross-sector collaboration and community-based advocacy. We are a network of individuals and organizations that are working together to make housing moreaffordable for Calgarians, guided by a Steering Committee and a high-level Action Plan.
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Through integrated healthcare, education and housing, CUPS and its partners assist adults and families in Calgary living with the adversity of poverty and traumatic events to become self- sufficient.
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The First 2000 Days Network is a collective response of community members, organizations, professionals with a passion for making progress on our vision. The First 2000 Days Networkacts as a catalyst for linking, aligning and leveraging efforts in the Early Childhood Development (ECD) system to enable collective action toward improving ECD outcomes.
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Home Spritz is the premier home cleaning company in Calgary supporting local cleaners. We offer a living wage which supports buying local and helping the community we live in thrive. We allow you to talk directly with house cleaners and help support that relationship to ensure both parties are supported and happy. We know being grounded in the local communities we work will help build a better Canada.
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The mandate of the Justice Sector Constellation (JSC) is to intervene at the intersection of poverty and the legal system so that everyone facing a legal issue can access the justice sector resources and services he or she needs. The JSC is comprised of organizations, agencies and individuals representing a wide variety of government departments, non-governmental agencies and community members active in the justice sector in Calgary
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Spark brings people together to learn, play and create with science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM). Its Vision is where visitors and the community are transformed by a culture of curiosity, risk-taking and problem solving.
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YW Calgary is the largest and longest serving women’s organization in Calgary. We support our clients in meeting their immediate and most basic needs, then work directly with them to create positive change in their lives. We believe that healthy women and healthy families lead to thriving communities.
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The Women’s Centre provides a safe and supportive space accessed by thousands of women in Calgary. We offer women opportunities to both receive and provide support, connect with others and build community through a variety of programs.
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The City of Calgary works to make life better every day and help ensure that Calgary is a great place to make a living, and a great place to make a life. The City of Calgary supports a variety of initiatives that allow people experiencing vulnerabilities to access improved support and resources and is proud to be a key partner and funder of the Enough for All poverty reduction strategy.
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United Way of Calgary and Area brings together donors, corporations, agencies, and government to solve complex issues and improve the lives ofmore than 150,000 people every year. United Way invests in programs and collaborations with common outcomes, brings people together to coordinate systems change, and designs solutions that address root causes to create lasting social change. Collectively, this work deepens community impact.
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Momentum is a change-making organization that combines social and economic strategies to reduce poverty. We use a holistic approach that covers everything from financial literacy, entrepreneurship and skills training, to developing communication skills, and building self-confidence. At Momentum, everything we do is grounded in a community economic development model, which means we work with individuals, businesses and systems to build a more inclusive local economy.
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What it means to be a champion for Change

Being a Champion means you’re on board with Enough for All’s principles and goals – so get the word out! We encourage you to publicly communicate your support on your organization’s website and strive to model the principles in the strategy while deepening awareness about the impact of poverty in our city.

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Learn more about poverty in Calgary and the issues faced by people affected by it. Lasting change starts here.

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Being a Champion means you’re on board with Enough for All’s shared values – so get the word out! We encourage you to publicly communicate your support on your organization’s website and strive to model the principles in the strategy while deepening awareness about the impact of poverty in our city.

Your organization will be recognized as a key contributor to the Enough for All poverty reduction strategy. You’ll receive logo prominence on our web pages and co-branding on Champion collateral in addition to public acknowledgment of your partnership efforts toward ending poverty in Calgary.

Engage with other Champions for Change, collectives, community organizations, businesses and governments to spotlight initiatives and advance policy changes to address the roots causes of poverty. Together, we can reduce poverty and strengthen communities.

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