Aboriginal Street Survivor – Gain Understanding About Aboriginal Homelessness

25/04/2017 - 26/04/2017
All Day

Location: Knox United Church


Aboriginal Street Survivor

Why Participate in the Event? An experiential exercise in understanding homelessness on a personal level by involving yourself directly in a day of homelessness. Take on the experience by assuming the identity of a homeless Aboriginal person with the barriers and challenges of daily life on the streets. Learn the difficulties of navigating the streets and resources for your basic needs and establish personal understanding of the reliance on homeless resources for survival. Experience the social isolation, and the scrutiny of a distrustful society as a homeless person, while trying to access a bathroom or food sources, or finding a phone to call needed resources. Identify the challenges in leaving the streets, and connecting with the right resources to secure housing. Additionally, learn strategies that would help you survive on the streets.

Who benefits? The event is meant to benefit those who have little to no knowledge of homelessness and would like to understand the issue with more clarity. Participating individuals will objectively understand the issue of homelessness and become aware of the realism in regards to the complexity of the issue. Participation will contribute to understanding the importance of resources and assist future workers, teachers, or health care professionals with awareness of how systems and services are most or least effectively navigated. Homeless individuals are benefited by better understanding of their issues, and an established compassion and tolerance around their plight.

When and Where?

Orientation Location, Date and Time: Tuesday April 25, 2017 6-8pm at Knox United-506 4 Street SW

Event Location, Date and Time: Wednesday, April 26, 2017 – 8-2:30/3 Feast, Debrief and Discussions to end 3-5:30 at Knox United

How does one Participate?

* Sign up in advance (maximum 20 – 30 participants) – no cost involved – Contact Information: Pamela Beebe – Event Coordinator (403)-351-0634 or by email pamela@vibrantcalgary.com

* Participate in an orientation that outlines event and safety procedures and presentation on Aboriginal Homelessness

* Meet at designated meeting area (Knox United) and be provided with scenario of your homeless situation, and receive your goals for the day. Learn from trusted homeless individuals the strategies necessary to navigate the system and survive.

Complete your day with a debrief, discussions by homeless individuals, and feast and celebration