Government Benefits and Income Supports

Enough for All collaborators are working tirelessly to advocate for public policy changes related to Income Supports to better meet the needs of Calgary’s most vulnerable citizens.

When a household or individual has little to no source of employment income, their income may be subsidized in part or in full, through government income supports such as Alberta Works or AISH (Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped).  These amounts are not significant; AlbertaWorks can be as low as $583 for a single individual expected to work, and AISH is $1588/month.  Opportunities to save or invest are slim when a household’s monthly income is so low.

Furthermore, individuals and families are expected to use up much of their existing savings and investments (if they exist) to be eligible for these programs.  As such, community leaders such as Momentum, have been working tirelessly with all orders of government to encourage an asset-building approach that encourages low-income Albertans to keep their savings by raising asset limits for Income Support benefits and grow their savings by investing in effective matched savings programs as an incentive to save.