Using barter as a new modern day digital currency

I operate a business trade exchange called eXmerce. We’ve been serving Calgary businesses for the past 12 years and represent 400+ businesses. We help businesses through our B2B community buy and sell products and services through our virtual barter currency. I’ve always thought it might be a good idea for business owners to pay their staff partially through a barter currency. For example, a business owner could pay their staff $16 cash + $6 barter dollars. The barter currency paid out to the employee could then be spent on things a consumer would normally still have to pay cash for (i.e. salon, auto repair, dental, massage, spa, restaurant, etc). The business owner would simply barter their products and services to earn the barter currency so that they could pay their staff partially in barter. I’d love to discuss further as I believe this would be an out of the box idea that could help reduce poverty and also benefit businesses. We already have a system in place that could be implemented.

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