Sarelle Azuelos

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What drives Sarelle to push for a Calgary where there is Enough for All

"Originally from rural Saskatchewan, I first moved to Mohkinstisis in 2006 with big dreams and few ideas for how to achieve them. Since then, I’ve learned so much from my ever-changing community, solidified my feminist values, and begun working toward improving equity and justice with friends.

Working with VCC is an exciting next step in this journey. After years of working with women-focused organizations, putting my efforts behind advancing a poverty reduction strategy that targets systemic issues and structural barriers to equity was a natural progression. Racism, colonialism, sexism, and ablism shape the way that systems and institutions continue to divide us. The community connected to VCC recognizes these issues, and strives to address the origins of poverty at their roots. I feel lucky to be part of this community.

There is more than enough for all."

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