Community Access Points

One can imagine the challenge of streamlining service access and management between even a handful of Calgary’s 1,200 service-providing agencies.  Though the recommendations made within Enough For All concerning Common Intake have not come to fruition, there are a number of examples of organizations demonstrating a real commitment to improving the experience of Calgarians seeking supports and services.  The Calgary Homeless Foundation has implemented a Homeless Management Information system within the homelessness sector. The City of Calgary launched its Fair Entry program in 2015, allowing eligible Calgarians to submit one application for all of Calgary’s subsidized programs; the Low-Income Transit Pass, Recreation, Spay and Neuter Program and Property Tax assistance.

Other projects related to Community Access Points include exploring housing multiple support services and/or agencies in a centralized location.  Community hubs have great potential to be highly localized centres to meet a multitude of residents’ needs, including accessing social services and supports.  Other examples of Community Access Points include Alberta Supports Centres and Community Resources Centres.