Meeting Basic Needs

Those living in poverty face considerable challenges meeting their basic needs.   Ideally, preventative measures should increase a person’s ability to meet their own needs, but we know this is not always the case, due to both short-term and long-term circumstances. Basic needs that are particularly challenging include childcare, education, food, housing transportation and justice.  A wide array of initiatives are underway to address these basic needs with two primary strategies:

1) Systems-wide improvements to the delivery of basic needs supports with a goal to prevent, rather than alleviate, the symptoms

2) Initiatives that address the cost of basic necessities

Using the platform of the Enough For All Strategy, numerous collaborative efforts have taken hold to address specific areas related to basic needs.  Indeed, we believe it is only through multi-sectoral collaboration that we can make a lasting impact in these areas.

  • Supporting the Updated Plan to End Homelessness
  • Supporting Early Learning and affordable childcare
  • Continuing to advocate for an equitable administration of the Low-Income Transit Pass