Financial Empowerment

A range of opportunities and supports are needed to support households to increase income and build a cushion of savings that contributes to long term resiliency.  Economic and financial resiliency requires an adequate income, knowledge concerning and access to affordable financial products and services, as well as supports and incentives to encourage savings and file personal income tax claims.

Aspire Calgary is a multi-sector collaborative founded in 2015 originally as the Financial Empowerment Collaborative by The United Way of Calgary and Area, the City of Calgary, Vibrant Communities Calgary, The Province of Alberta, Bow Valley College, and Momentum. The Financial Empowerment Collaborative transitioned to Aspire Calgary in 2018, with Momentum as the backbone organization. Together

Financial empowerment is about building capacity in communities. Aspire Calgary facilitates programming with all 25+ of its cross-sector partners, each offering services in one or more of four key areas to low-income Calgarians:

– Taxes & Benefits
– Match Savings
– Education Savings
– Financial Education & Coaching

For more information about financial empowerment initiatives and Aspire Calgary, click here.