Increasing access to subsizided childcare

I am a community member trying to build a working relationship with the Gov’t of AB and licensing. My goal is to get overnight care allowed in licensed day homes and group day homes. Currently it is prohibited.
I am aware this limits providers with ability to provide evening or extended hours child care. A majority of retail positions require an employee to be available later in the evening and on weekends. If I had a 2 year old child and parent took transit and got off work at 10pm. I would rather allow the child to spent the night and parent could pick them in the morning allowing for a solid nights sleep. I understand its not ideal for children to not sleep in their own bed however if this means the difference of a single parent being able to provide an income or suffer on income support … I hope I will find people in the community who will help me with my objective.
Long term I would love to see day homes have the ability to be licensed for overnight care as innovative programs. This would allow single parents to know they could allow pursue 24/7 careers in the health care. Starting with education then practicums and shifts that could be anytime …. and have that parent know that they are breaking the cycle of poverty and work in an industry where no matter the economic situation they have financial and childcare security. Imagine I am only one person and could provide care for up to 6 children…. That’s 6 families empowered for a life change that will enhance their capacity to thrive independently.
I am currently working with an editor at the Calgary Metro in regards to this topic and would love to hear from someone … on your thoughts of what I mentioned as my idea to reduce poverty …

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