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I’m Rowena

I moved here from the Philippines in 2005. I had to support my daughter and myself for years on only $62 every 3 months.

I know poverty.

Hear Rowena’s Story

Hear from those who know

I’m Amber

Despite working more than one job at a time, I ended up living in my car. Trying to get through each day can be a struggle.

I know poverty.

Hear Amber's Story

Hear from those who know

I’m Dr. Lucy Miller

Growing up in extreme poverty taught me how important it is to break the cycle through education.

I know there’s a solution.

Hear Dr. Lucy Miller's Story

Wear a ring to show your support for the 1 in 10 Calgarians living in poverty.

The ring is now available.
Get it here.

"Oct is End Poverty Month YYC: Read about Calgary's Poverty Reduction Strategy here, EnoughForAll.ca #EnoughForAll"
- VCC ‏@VibrantCalgary

"Do you want to help make a difference in reducing poverty in Calgary?"
- Vibrant Communities Calgary

Enough for all is working to reduce poverty in Calgary.

See how below.

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