Life is less, on $7 a day.

Living, working, poor. The many Calgarians affected by poverty are not always the people you expect. But given an opportunity to understand our neighbours' challenges, we can begin to help change lives.

$7/day is a harsh reality.

A. The annual income of an individual living in poverty


B. The annual cost of basic necessities for an individual (Rent, utilities, basic groceries, clothing, transit, communications, basic health premiums and bank fees)


$2,723 divided by 365 days/year = $7.46 a day.* That's the daily amount too many Calgarians have to spend on healthcare extras and more.

[ $2,723 ]

Poverty Crosses All Barriers.

It's not a choice. In fact, many people work one or more low-paying jobs in an attempt to meet their basic needs. Their lives are made more difficult because they often do not have access to education, affordable housing and affordable childcare.

Change Starts With Understanding

Helping our neighbours starts when we understand them. Could you live on $7 a day?

Learn More About The 1 In 10 Calgarians Who Live on $7/Day.

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