Challenge Poverty YYC

Poverty is more than just the stats. It’s about the people behind the numbers. Before we can change behaviour, we have to change hearts and minds.

This year, Calgary influencers met with people who’ve lived through the struggles of poverty. Now they’re sharing their stories to shed light on what poverty is really like in Calgary. Share your perspective using the hashtag #challengepovertyYYC.

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Blogging About Hard Times

Mike Morrison

Mike Morrison, a writer, blogger, and activist, met with Nigel, a community partner and advocate for the homeless community. They are both vocal activists and strong proponents for social inclusion.

"I think Calgarians have a perception of what living low-income is or what homelessness is. Many who criticize or judge low-income or homeless Calgarians probably couldn’t spend a day in their shoes and have no idea what it would be like and how hard it would be."

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Empathizing through Conversation

Elyse Bouvier

Elyse Bouvier, a photographer and artist, met with Margaret, a registered social worker and facilitator who works with low income individuals.

"I strongly believe that sitting down and having a conversation with someone, even if they have a different viewpoint than you, is the only way that we're ever going to move forward and get to a place of understanding with each other, especially when it comes to ideas about poverty and the systemic issues of poverty."

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Volunteering for Better

George Brookman

George Brookman, a businessman and volunteer, met with Pamela an Indigenous community partner who is an advocate for education, wellness and volunteering. George and Pamela discovered that they both share a desire for giving back to the community and helping those in need.

"For so many people in a big city, poverty does not mean trying to keep up; it means that you are constantly trying to catch up."

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Picturing Positivity

Neil Zeller

Neil Zeller, voted Calgary's best photographer in 2018, met with Miriam, a community partner who shared her story about overcoming homelessness. Neil and Miriam discovered they both have a passion for focusing on 'pure positivity'.

"One thing I would tell Calgarians is to stop judging so quickly, as the person you are looking at may be struggling with problems you can't comprehend. A little kindness could make a world of difference to this person."

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Share your perspective using the hashtag #challengepovertyYYC

"Use #challengepovertyyc to share how your perspectives are changing."
- @enoughforallyyc

"The goal of Challenge Poverty YYC is to change the way Calgarians think and feel about poverty, grow awareness, reduce stigma, and build empathy for those living in poverty in Calgary"
- Enough for All Calgary

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