Key Partners

Key Partners

Vibrant Communities Calgary

In January 2015, under a four year agreement between The City of Calgary, the United Way of Calgary & Area, Vibrant Communities Calgary (VCC), and Momentum, stewardship of the Enough for All strategy moved the Calgary Poverty Reduction Initiative (CPRI) Secretariat within The City of Calgary to Vibrant Communities Calgary.

In May 2019, a three-year agreement was signed by The City of Calgary, the United Way of Calgary and Area, Momentum, and Vibrant Communities Calgary to mark the continued implementation of the strategy in partnership with the community and jointly supported and funded by The City of Calgary and United Way of Calgary and Area. Vibrant Communities Calgary will continue its role as the backbone organization stewarding the implementation of the strategy.



The Enough For All Public Awareness Campaign received support through the Community Grants Program for 2016/2017.


Enough for All Collaboratives and Advisory Committees

The following collaboratives and advisory committees are working to advance the goals of the Enough for All strategy. For more information, please contact us.

Alberta Poverty Reduction Network The Alberta Poverty Reduction Network champions poverty reduction locally, provincially and nationally by sharing information and fostering activities across the province, in local municipalities and through organizations and networks.
Basic Income Calgary Basic Income Calgary advocates for an adequate basic income program that enables all Calgarians and Albertans to live a modest lifestyle with dignity, regardless of employment status.
Calgary Alliance for the Common Good Calgary Alliance for the Common Good – Calgary (CACG) brings together organizations and communities of Calgary to transform our city into a community which acts justly and respects all. CACG is directed by a team of leaders from participating institutions. CACG was formed in association with the Industrial Areas Foundation the oldest and largest network of broad-based organizations in North America. Similar organizations exist in Vancouver and Edmonton. CACG was originally organized mainly by religious groups and unions, with the unions, some churches, and Temple B’nai Tikvah contributing money and support for start-up. Objectives include:
• Create a network involving people from diverse religious, non-profit, labour, neighbourhood and ethnic groups to foster meaningful relationships with each other and their respective communities
• Develop leaders who can promote healthy and effective civic life
• Effectively address the key justice issues facing Calgary
• Harness the voice and the power of the people of Calgary to transform our city by addressing the systems, policies, and underlying causes of poverty and injustice.
Community Housing Affordability Collective The Community Housing Affordability Collective (CHAC) is the collective engine for improving housing affordability in Calgary through cross-sector collaboration and community-based advocacy. It is a network of individuals and organizations that are working together to make housing more affordable for Calgarians, guided by a Steering Committee and a high level Action Plan. CHAC is non-partisan and does not support any political group or individual.
Enough for All Business Leader Forum The Enough for All Business Leader Forum’s mandate is to advance the “doing business differently” aspect of Enough for All.  It is taking a “business to business approach” in helping to understand the role of business in engaging poverty reduction.
Financial Empowerment Collaborative Calgary’s Financial Empowerment Collaborative is an important part of the community driven Enough for All poverty reduction strategy. Through proven and measurable Financial Empowerment initiatives, people living on low-incomes are supported to reduce debt, increase savings, and build assets, with the goal of ensuring that everyone has the income and assets needed to thrive.
Impact and Evaluation Advisory Committee The Impact and Evaluation Advisory Committee’s mandate is to support Vibrant Communities Calgary (VCC) on the evaluation of the Enough for All strategy outcomes.
Justice Sector Constellation The mandate of the Justice Sector Constellation (JSC) is to intervene at the intersection of poverty and the legal system so that everyone facing a legal issue can access the justice sector resources and services he or she needs. The JSC has been working to that end since April 2013. The JSC is comprised of organizations, agencies and individuals representing a wide variety of government departments, non-governmental agencies and community members active in the justice sector in Calgary.
Peer Support Working Group The Peer Support Working Group strives to reduce poverty in Calgary by strengthening support networks of those in need and by supporting the integration of poverty reduction and peer support approaches.
Poverty Talks! Poverty Talks! supports people who are living in poverty to become involved in social change efforts and political processes, as well as to raise public awareness of poverty. Members advocate for social and public policy change, while also engaging and educating Calgarians about poverty-related issues. Poverty Talks! is guided by a 12-member steering committee of advocates with current or recent lived experience of poverty.
Social Policy Collaborative The Calgary Social Policy Collaborative (SPC) is a network of over 40 community organizations and funders working together to promote public policies that improve the economic and social well-being of all Albertans. The Social Policy Collaborative’s mandate is to create a unified voice for the human services sector and improve social conditions by collaboratively advocating for effective social policy. Its objectives are to assist the sector in developing its capacity in policy development and to work together to inform the development and implementation of public policy that improves social conditions.


The Enough for All poverty reduction strategy is a collaborative community effort involving a significant number of diverse stakeholders coming together and leveraging their efforts to address the root causes of poverty in Calgary.