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Information and Resources related to Covid-19
Covid-19 Information for Calgarians
Financial supports for people impacted by Covid-19
Deferred Mortgage Payment Information
Deferred Mortgage Payment Information – Arabic
Deferred Mortgage Payment Information – Chinese (Mandarin)
Deferred Mortgage Payment Information – Spanish
Deferred Mortgage Payment Information – Tagalog
Deferred Mortgage Payment Information – Tigrinya


Enough for All Strategy
Enough for All Strategy (May 2013)
Enough for All 2.0 (April 2019)
Enough for All 2.0 (Summary)


Evaluation Reports
2015 Evaluation Report
2016 Evaluation Report
2017 Evaluation Report


Reports to Community
2015 Report to Community
2016 Report to Community
2018 Report to Community
2018 Financials


Policy, Research, and Resources
Poverty Costs (2012)
Poverty Costs 2.0 (2013)
Poverty Costs 2.5 (2015)
Community Hubs By Design Toolkit (2017)
Data Sharing Recommendations Report (January 2018)
Poverty in Calgary (Snapshot) 2018
10 Things to know about poverty in Calgary (2018)
Poverty Affects Newcomers (2018)
Alberta’s Income Supports are keeping people poor (2018)
Why income inequality is harmful to communities (2018)
Alberta’s progress in poverty reduction (2019)
Improving the effectiveness of income supports (By the Social Policy Collaborative)
A snapshot of poverty in Calgary in 2019
2019 Provincial Budget E4A Fact Sheet
Vibrant Communities Calgary’s response to the Alberta Budget 2019


Indigenous Resources
Aboriginal Poverty Strategy Development (2014)
Indigenous Knowledge Circle (2020)


Quarterly Updates
Quarterly Update: June 2015
Quarterly Update: Oct 2015
Quarterly Update: January 2016
Quarterly Update: April 2016
Quarterly Update: July 2016
Quarterly Update: October 2016
Quarterly Update: January 2017
Quarterly Update: April 2017
Quarterly Update: August 2017
Quarterly Update: November 2017
Quarterly Update: Spring 2018
Quarterly Update: Summer 2018
Quarterly Update: Fall 2018
Quarterly Update: Spring 2019



The Enough for All poverty reduction strategy is a collaborative community effort involving a significant number of diverse stakeholders coming together and leveraging their efforts to address the root causes of poverty in Calgary.