It will take all of us, working together, to reach the goal of cutting poverty in half in Calgary. We want to hear your thoughts and ideas! Use the Idea Incubator to share your thoughts on how our communities can reduce poverty and make Calgary a more vibrant community for all!

Housing first strategy

Adopt a housing first strategy for dealing with homelessness, studies have shown that this is an effective measure and very successful when followed up with community supports to deal with other issues such as addiction, ...

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intergenerational child care

Pair vetted older adults with families in need of low cost to free after school child care Reduce loneliness, use strengths of people and communities, build relationships, reduce economic stress, and help break cycles of ...

Urban Indigenous Outreach School

create an outreach school in Calgary city center focused on working with our indigenous community (Elders) to develop a 'wraparound' service that would partner with all service providers in this Indigenous setting. Individualizing schools plans, ...

Increasing access to subsizided childcare

Hi, I am a community member trying to build a working relationship with the Gov't of AB and licensing. My goal is to get overnight care allowed in licensed day homes and group day homes. ...

Using barter as a new modern day digital currency

I operate a business trade exchange called eXmerce. We've been serving Calgary businesses for the past 12 years and represent 400+ businesses. We help businesses through our B2B community buy and sell products and services ...

Guaranteed Minimum Income

Alberta's big city mayors want it. Joe Ceci wanted it when he was a Calgary city councillor (now he's Alberta's Finance Minister). It's official Federal Liberal party policy. The time has come for Guaranteed Minimum ...

What's Your Idea to End Poverty?


The Enough for All poverty reduction strategy is a collaborative community effort involving a significant number of diverse stakeholders coming together and leveraging their efforts to address the root causes of poverty in Calgary.

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