Kaleidoscope Spaces

Connecting meaningfully and with purpose

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Community engagement is a core aspect of the Enough for All (E4A) strategy. VCC is grateful for and honours the many contributions from community members over the years. These contributions provide us with a solid foundation for our community engagement work. 

VCC engages with community members through Kaleidoscope Spaces, where we create different opportunities to gather and connect. These opportunities value diverse perspectives, adapt to evolving challenges, and amplify lived experiences. These opportunities are strengthened through Enough for All Champions.

Kaleidoscope Spaces

Engagement Principles

VCC aims to create a dynamic and inclusive community engagement framework through Kaleidoscope Spaces. To provide more clarity about the direction we’re headed, here are some concise principles of engagement that align with our vision. These are intended to be short, impactful statements that guide our approach and drive the work.

  • Diverse Voices

    Embrace a multitude of perspectives.

  • Radical Purpose

    Assess and meet the needs of convening, unite for meaningful exchanges, communicate with clarity.

  • Agile Response

    Quickly adapt to evolving needs, collaborate for effective and collective impact, identify and apply the right convening tools to address the question at hand.

  • Lived Experience Amplified

    Always elevate lived insights.

  • Dynamic Convening

    Gather with intent and flexibility; continuously gather, apply insights, maintain feedback loops, and share learnings.


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