Together, Let’s End Poverty in Calgary

Enough for All is working to make poverty history in Calgary. It aims to ensure that Calgary is a strong, supportive and inclusive community, where everyone has sufficient income and assets to thrive, where all Indigenous people are equal participants in Calgary's future.

Learn about the experiences of poverty in each community in Calgary in our Poverty Profiles, understand more about Calgary's living wage, and check out the Let's Talk Poverty podcast to explore the root causes of poverty in our city and how we can come together to make changes that matter.

Calgary's 2023 Living Wage is $23.70

A living wage reflects what people need to earn to maintain a modest standard of living based on the actual costs of living in a specific community. It is determined by calculating average expenses using local costs, subtracting taxes, and adding government transfers for a given household.

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Poverty statistics in Calgary's communities

What do you think of when you hear the word poverty? Do you picture unhoused people living in shelters or on the street, or tiny run-down apartments in neglected neighbourhoods, or people waiting in line at a food bank? Poverty has many faces and it exists in every community in Calgary, and often, it's hidden in the least likely places. That's why we started publishing Poverty Profiles.

Beneath the Surface

The Layers of Poverty in Calgary

Poverty is about so much more than just income. This year, we are asking the community to look beneath the surface of the metrics, and to learn the story behind them.

Change Requires All of Us

We want to end poverty in Calgary. Sounds simple. It's not. Everyone needs to work together to make sure that poverty becomes a thing of the past.

E4A in Action

Advancing Enough for All

With affordability and inflation top of mind for many in 2022, VCC continued work advocating, educating and mobilizing