Action to improve affordability leaves some out

Singles, a group often overrepresented in deep poverty, are mostly left out of Alberta's Affordability Action Plan

13 January 2023

This week the Alberta government provided new details on the Affordability Action Plan. The relief measures are providing direct payments to parents, seniors, as well as anyone receiving support on Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped, Persons with Developmental Disabilities and Income Support.

Some experts are concerned that some in need are being left out, particularly those aged 18-65 without children. This often-overlooked segment is also overrepresented for living in “deep” poverty or living on incomes under 75% of the poverty line. In fact, according to the Institute for Research on Public Policy, about one million people in Canada living in deep poverty are singles.

Did you know?

We acknowledge that we are in an inflation crisis, and we’re pleased to see the government taking action. But is it time to start considering systems level changes that would pre-empt the need for this type of emergency measure? VCC executive director Meaghon Reid sat down with CBC News’ Rob Brown to discuss the affordability plan and longer term solutions poverty. Listen to to the interview (begins at 3:20).

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