Alberta government called on to share the wealth

VCC and Poverty Talks! are calling on the province to help struggling Albertans with expected surplus

6 September 2022

Vibrant Communities Calgary and Poverty Talks! weighed in on the Alberta government's expected surplus on CTV News. The segment cites a 30% increase in calls to 211 since 2019 with people struggling with basic needs. Meaghon Reid called on the province to implement indexing for income support and rate caps for utilities and insurance. View the segment below.

A few measures have been put in place to help Albertans combat the effects of inflation; however, VCC's Meaghon Reid says that it's not nearly enough and questions who is really benefiting from the measures being put in place in a Radio Canada interview.

"What we hear is worrying. There is an urgent need to find solutions to improve affordability. It's frustrating to hear that the province is doing so well and not knowing how you're going to eat in the evening," Meaghon explained.

"The government of Alberta must send a message that every person counts - not just the wealthy - but everyone," said Sue Gwynn, chair Poverty Talks!

Poverty Talks!

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