Anti-poverty activists alarmed by 'perfect storm' of COVID and soaring inflation

Calgary Herald interviews Meaghon Reid and members of Poverty Talks! Crystal Filler and Sue Gwynn

17 October 2021

Those who assist low-income Calgarians say increasing numbers of people are struggling with a spiking cost of living affecting a range of necessities from gasoline to utilities and groceries.

“It’s crippling everybody. It’s beyond epidemic levels, quite frankly,” said Sue Gwynn, an activist with the group Poverty Talks!

“If you’re having to shop for a family, you’re looking at $60 or $70 more on food. Where’s that going to come from?”

Social agencies in the city helping the poor, she said, are stretched to the point of near-helplessness.

“Unless something happens to change this, we’re heading into a devastating winter,” said Gwynn, who’s experienced poverty in recent years.

“People were falling into poverty from the pandemic and now inflation. We’re pretty worried about it. It’s the perfect storm.”

Meaghon Reid, Executive Director of Vibrant Communities Calgary