Anti-Racism: Using your privilege to leverage

VCC’s community facilitation & engagement specialist Hagir Sail discusses how to be actively anti-racist

19 May 2021

On March 27, VCC’s community facilitation and engagement specialist Hagir Sail spoke at the Building Bridges Against Racism Solidarity March. One of the themes of her speech was how to be an ally in the fight against racism and how to use your privilege to leverage.

How can you listen, learn and speak up? How do you have tough conversations – especially with your family and people you like? How do you authenticate voices of people of colour?

Check out Hagir’s vlog exploring these challenges and how to drive change.

“I don’t want to live in a society in which 50 years from now I’m seeing the same thing. This work requires acknowledgement of our past and present so we can seek out a better future.”

Racism is a root cause of poverty. Studies show that systemic racism make it more difficult for many Calgarians including Indigenous peoples, new Canadians and visible minorities, to access jobs and services, and to feel welcome and supported in the community. As Hagir says in her vlog, it’s up to us to listen, reflect, learn, re-learn, and then speak.

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