A Guaranteed Income? Alberta Shows the Need

Lee Stevens discusses the need for a basic income for Alberta to create certainty and security for people

16 November 2023

Lee Stevens discussed how a basic income for Albertans would allow certainty and stability for people, especially those currently on disability payments in an interview for The TYEE

“The system is completely inefficient and ineffective,” Stevens says, pointing at the stability a livable basic income would provide to Albertans. “The desire of a basic income is to start combining some of these programs, streamline the system a bit, and create some certainty and security for people.”

Lee also spoke with Bryn Griffiths on 630 CHED about the cost of living in Alberta and whether the province needs a basic income. 

Myth-busting Basic Income

In this episode of Let's Talk Poverty, Jaclyn Silbernagel sits down with Lee Stevens, policy and research specialist with Vibrant Communities Calgary to explore basic income. What a basic income could mean for Canadians and how it could have a positive impact on our social support systems.