Calgary's affordability advantage slipping away

Meaghon Reid weighs in on the prices of everything going up and Calgary losing it's affordability advantage

15 May 2024

From housing to energy to food, everything is going up. Alberta - especially Calgary - is losing its affordability advantage.

An Equifax Canada report estimates half of Canadian families are now living paycheque-to-paycheque. Meaghon Reid said in an interview with the Calgary Herald that, "What we’re really starting to see more of is an increasing number of people in the middle class, people who are used to being comfortable, now being unable to square the circle in terms of meeting their basic needs."

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The increase of costs has created a gap between inflation and wage growth, not seen in Alberta in the 21st century. VCC has argued that minimum wage should be increased to help Alberta's lowest-income groups.

Read the full article here: Calgary's affordability advantage slipping away