Grocery gift cards for food-insecure households offer greater autonomy, flexibility and dignity

University of Calgary researcher, Yun Lee, describes what was discovered in a study exploring experiences and perceived outcomes of I Can for Kids' grocery gift card program

6 September 2023

Child and parent cooking in a kitchen

There are many efforts in Calgary that work to address the needs of food-insecure households. One unique program is I Can for Kids’ grocery gift card program. Previously a summer food pack program for school-aged children, in 2020, I Can for Kids made the shift to providing a year-round grocery gift card program to families living on low incomes. Researchers at the University of Calgary conducted in-depth interviews with parents and front-line social service agencies to explore their experiences and perceptions of iCAN’s grocery gift card program. Lead researcher Yun Lee discusses some of her findings in the video below.

Food is a human right

Access to healthy, affordable and culturally appropriate food is a physical necessity, a human right and critical for people to fully participate in society. Every Calgarian needs an appropriate income that allows them to choose their food and achieve food security. Food security has been a core focus of VCC's work. In exploring the topic we have compiled perspectives from people studying and supporting those experiencing food insecurity.