Low income transit pass provincial funding stripped from Calgary, Edmonton

Meaghon Reid spoke about the cut to Calgary's Low-Income Transit Pass

30 April 2024

On April 30 the Government of Alberta announced that it will no longer provide $6.2 million in funding for the low-income transit pass in Calgary. 

Meaghon Reid spoke to Calgary Herald saying, "We would say the ability to access transit is very essential for maintaining employment for many Calgarians on low incomes. To compromise this sort of a pass during the biggest affordability crisis our city has seen feels short-sighted."

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Meaghon also spoke with LiveWire. "One thing we know is that if we do not invest in poverty reduction, then things become incredibly much more expensive," she said. "So for example, if people can't access low-income transit and lose their job, it's much more expensive for that person to go on income support."

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In an interview with CBC, Meaghon said "So the people that would be using this pass really rely on it in order to make other ends meet,… [and] $20 or $50 could make the difference between making rent and being able to purchase groceries for your children that week."

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Meaghon told CityNews she hopes that the city can find a way to offer low income transit passes, even if it means funding it themselves. In a unanimous vote, late on April 30, city council agreed to request that the province decrease the amount of city tax dollars they take every year by $6.2 million to cover the share of funding.

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