March is Nutrition Month in Canada

12 March 2020

March is Nutrition Month in Canada, a time to acknowledge the importance of healthy eating for our overall health and well-being.

This year’s theme, “More than Food,” focuses on healthy eating habits such as eating mindfully and cooking more often. The spotlight on healthy eating habits is in keeping with Canada’s food guide, released in January 2019, which provides Canadians with practical tips and tools to incorporate healthy food choices and healthy eating habits into their everyday lives.

Calgary has several organizations working to address food insecurity and reduce poverty in our city, today we are highlighting the amazing work of Fresh Routes and the Alex Community Food Centre.

Fresh Routes is a mobile grocery store that brings affordable food into neighborhoods facing barriers — allowing choice, maintaining dignity, and building community. View their schedule.

The Alex Community Food Centre is a place where Calgarian’s can come together to grow, cook, share and advocate for good food.

Check out the drop in and register programs schedule for Winter 2020, and the calendar of events

In Enough for All 2.0, food security was identified as a lever of change to address and help reduce poverty in our city. Access to healthy, affordable and culturally appropriate food is a physical necessity, a human right and critical for people to fully participate in society.  Every Calgarian needs an appropriate income that allows them to choose their food and achieve food security.

Read Enough for All 2.0.

Sign up for Canada’s Food guide e-newsletter, and for the month of March follow the #NutritionMonth hashtag online for tips and updates to improve your families’ nutritional habits.