Social housing in Canada needs to double to meet demand 

Long-term affordability for renters and an increase in non-market housing is an important step in poverty reduction.

15 April 2024

Preserving long-term affordability for renters living on lower incomes is an important step in poverty reduction and increasing non-market housing, which is owned by non-profits or the government, is an important way to do that. But there just aren’t enough of these types of units in Canada.  

This problem has existed for a long time and many analysts say that it started around the mid-80s when the federal government stopped funding new social housing.   

Interesting facts: 

Last week, the Federal government announced a new measure to support the development of non-market housing. The new Canada Rental Protection Fund will provide loans and contributions to non-profit organizations, community housing providers, and other partners to help buy affordable rental buildings that go up for sale. Many organizations, including the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, are seeing this proposal as a step in the right direction. We look forward to seeing the details in the coming weeks.    

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