Transgender Day of Visibility

Shining a light on poverty in the transgender community

31 March 2023

Hate directed towards transgender people has been front and centre in the news cycle lately. In fact, there have been more anti-LGBTQ2S demonstrations so far this year in Canada than in all of 2021 and it’s mostly related to anti-transgender protests and violence. Even though there has been a rise in targeted hate towards the transgender and gender non-conforming (TGNC) community, this group has been facing barriers in accessing healthcare, employment and housing for a long time.

Here are some facts:

VCC is continually exploring steps our staff, leadership and community can take to advance allyship and inclusion. As we press on in this journey, we encourage you to consider how you can be an ally to the TGNC community. Today on the Transgender Day of Visibility join us with reflecting on our own biases and increasing awareness about the challenges the TGNC community face. Also, check out these actions to participate and honour Transgender Day of Visibility.


Principles in Action

Check out these resources that can help with advancing the work of anti-oppression and anti-racism.