VCC's interview on AM 770 CHQR Morning Show

Meaghon Reid talks about the benefits of the Canadian Learning Bond, exploring a basic income & more...

12 August 2021

“The Canada Learning Bond is a mechanism for people to be empowered financially in terms of saving for their child's future... There is a great report produced by Momentum, who are our partners in our Enough for All poverty reduction work in Calgary, where it states there was a 50% increase in uptake in the Canada Learning Bond this year. "

"Over 1 Million Albertans applied for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) in 2020. The uptake of CERB in Alberta was higher than in other provinces.”

"There’s a few things that we would advocate for more broadly. Exploring a basic income for Canada that looks like people being able to be part of equitable economic development."

"Locally here in Alberta, we think there’s a mechanism for Alberta income support programs to smooth the transition from emergency response benefits onto things like Alberta works and other social assistance programs that doesn’t create a lot of shock."

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