New group of AISH recipients discuss the issues they face

VCC's Lee Stevens says we can improve the effectiveness of the income support program for Albertans with disabilities by tackling the six main problems

28 August 2023

A new grassroots group is working to raise awareness about what's it's like to be on Alberta's Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped program. Their members have raised a number of concerns including staying afloat on AISH payments and living in fear of their income being clawed back from working, filing for employment insurance or even being married.

VCC's Lee Stevens discussed issues with the program with CBC's Karina Zapata, referencing a new policy brief which delves into the six main problems with AISH.

"The promise of our social safety net is that we will take care of people who are unable to earn a livelihood. When our social safety net doesn't work and people who are unable to earn a livelihood are still not being taken care of by government, when they're being left behind — it's almost like a promise has been broken," Lee explained.

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Improving the Effectiveness of Alberta's AISH Program

VCC outlines feasible solutions to issues related to eligibility, adequacy, means testing and accountability of the AISH program. The recommendations seek to improve the quality of life for Albertans living on low incomes with disabilities, and ensure they have the necessary income to meet their basic needs.