Cassandra Curtis


Cassandra Curtis is the Client Intake and Liaison Caseworker at the John Howard Society of Red Deer and the founder and chair of the Red Deer System Navigator (RDSN) Interagency established March 2020. The purpose of the RDSN is to increase collaboration within the community and systemic advocacy to better support/serve vulnerable populations, and the public at large. This interagency currently has over 190 members, and actively works with decision makers to discuss various solutions and approaches to improve systemic barriers and complexities through policy advocacy. Within the Client Intake role, Cassandra works with many marginalized populations including those who are unhoused, as well as those who are currently at risk, involved or exiting incarceration in the criminal justice system, and who are discharged from medical facilities. Cassandra holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Calgary and Red Deer College.

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