Patti Dolan

    What drives Patti to push for a Calgary where there is Enough for All

    “Being a single parent in the eighties really shaped my interest in helping those living in poverty. Back then, I was having difficulty getting support payments. The Maintenance Enforcement system was so degrading for single mothers - it felt like you were begging just to get the money that was owed to you. Several women that I met at that time were in similar situations and we formed a support group. One night I recall, it was a really cold, minus 30 January evening, and a young mom walked in with a stroller. She had a profoundly disabled young baby and was struggling. All she wanted was $50 to keep her going. I had family that helped me to work multiple jobs to lift my family up, but who did she have to lift her up? To this day, I think about her.

    That group worked hard to drive policy changes to Alberta’s Maintenance Enforcement, so that single parents didn’t have to deal with the struggles we did. That time shaped my drive to make real, systems change and shaped my career path as an advisor and educator in responsible investing. Seeing the value of VCC’s Enough for All strategy to drive change for those living in poverty in Calgary keeps me motivated.”