Enough For All Cities

Disrupting pathways into poverty with futures thinking


Why futures thinking?

Futures thinking opens our collective imagination to consider what’s possible - to set us on a path to reach the future we want for our city. Applying a futures thinking lens and collectively talking about what social and environmental factors need to be in place to have thriving communities is an important exercise. Join us in harnessing imagination and creativity to envision futures free from poverty. Get inspired by the zines below and share your ideas.  

What would you add to the city?

What does a city that resists isolation and inequality, and ensures care for all look like? We encourage you to think about how a community can be anchored by the idea of iih kanii tai staiiwa, everything is there. Share your thoughts here.

What makes a community strong?

You may have a variety of questions as you consider what’s needed to build an Enough for All city. We may not have or need all the answers, but we can come together and explore questions that guide us to solutions. What makes a community strong? Share your thoughts here.

What do you love about your city?

Is it the people, the river pathways, or a local business on your street? What inspires you about our city? Share your thoughts here.

The purpose of the zines

Use the zine creations to spark conversations about our city. A city where there is enough for all. Help us understand your perspectives on what you love about our city, how it can be more accessible and inclusive, and how we can collaborate to ensure all our neighbours have enough.

Many thanks to graphic artist Sam Hester for bringing these ideas to life. 

A diagram of a city made from pipe cleaners, pictures of people, and craft paper

Imagine futures with Enough for All

Continue to imagine with us. Join us as a voice of lived experience or engage in future community conversations.