Community Conversations

Making Decisions for the Future: Ending Poverty Once and for All

17 October 2022

On October 17 - the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty - Poverty Talks! and its partners hosted community conversations . They asked the community for their thoughts and insights on this year's theme Making Decisions for the Future: Ending Poverty Once and for All.


Photo collage of 6 events around the city

Questions & Answers

Who hosted the conversations?

Poverty Talks! is an advisory group, offering insight into poverty reduction from a lived experience of poverty perspective. They partnered with City of Calgary Community Social Workers and Enough for All to host the events.

What will be done with the information?

Notes will be taken and a report will be published on Poverty Talks!'s website. Feedback will inform the Enough for All poverty reduction strategy and The City of Calgary Community Social Workers' neighbourhood assessments and plans.

Poverty Talks!

Poverty Talks! supports people who are living in poverty to become involved in social change efforts and political processes, as well as to raise public awareness of poverty. Members advocate for social and public policy change, while also engaging and educating Calgarians about poverty-related issues.