Calgary the second most unequal city in Canada: report

Lee Stevens says Calgary's high ranking in inequality is not new in a recent interview with Global News

8 March 2023

Calgary is the second most unequal city in Canada according to a new report VCC released on March 7. Lee Stevens, the study's lead author, discussed some of the highlights in a Global News article.

"Employment is up but wages are actually down and the majority of Calgarians are employed in the service and retail sectors. Even if you’re working, it doesn’t mean you’re making ends meet. A lot of people using the food bank have jobs as well. They do work and we need to remember that everyone is affected by (the cost of living crisis)” explained Lee.

She also discussed the report's findings on affordable housing: “I struggle with the notion that Calgary is affordable because it’s affordable for who? Sure, housing might be slightly less expensive than Vancouver and Toronto, but it’s not really a goal we should be aspiring to.”

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Beneath the Surface

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