Calgary's jobless rate still high, but there are positives, say experts

VCC says despite the positives inflation, ballooning utility costs and rising interest rates have entrenched a feeling of hopelessness among many.

7 July 2023

The Calgary Herald reported on the latest numbers from the Statistics Canada Labour Force Survey for June which showed an uptick in the unemployment rate from the month prior, but also showed Calgary leading in the Labour Participation Rate and in growth in full-time employment.

Despite these promising employment numbers, too many people are falling through the cracks says VCC's Meaghon Reid. She noted that 28% of Calgarians can't weather a financial shock over a three month period, 21% can't afford healthy food, and more that 80,000 households are spending between 30 to 50% of their income on rent.

“It’s really taking a toll on people’s mental health. We really can’t expect people to go in this precarious mindset forever. We’re not nearing a crisis, we’re in a deep crisis,” said Meaghon.

1 in 5 Albertans can't afford healthy food

Every Calgarian needs an appropriate income that allows them to choose their food and achieve food security.