Opinion: Western Canada left out of federal energy efficiency supports

VCC's Ameera Shivji and Brendan Haley from Efficiency Canada discuss how federal energy efficiency programs are not working for low-income Canadians in their Edmonton Journal op-ed

6 November 2023

VCC's Ameera Shivji and Efficiency Canada's Brendan Haley penned an op-ed discussing the new federal program that exempts home heating oil from the carbon tax for the next three years, noting it does little to help people living on low incomes in Western Canada who predominantly heat their homes with natural gas or electricity.

They also explain that current federal energy efficiency programs exclude people living on low incomes because they require up-front payments to access grants and loans. "Low-to-moderate income Canadians cannot pay up-front costs, take on additional debt, and already have unaffordable monthly bills," they explain.

"If we look beyond the carbon tax debate, there is a way to include all regions of the country, improve affordability for those most in need, and reduce emissions. The federal government should make energy efficiency available for everyone."

Read the op-ed: Western Canada left out of federal energy efficiency supports.

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