Orange Shirt Day

How can you support and honour healing journeys of survivors and their families this Orange Shirt Day?

22 September 2022

September 30 is Orange Shirt Day and the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. Even though it became a federal holiday last year, since 2013, it is a day when we honour the Indigenous children who were sent away to residential schools in Canada. VCC’s Indigenous Engagement Facilitator explains the origins of Orange Shirt Day and the difference between it and days that celebrate Indigenous culture and heritage in his vlog.

What will you do to honour the children and families impacted by residential schools? Visit our social media channels to share your ideas and events you are attending. Also, check out these September 30 events.

Reconciliation, transformative change and honouring the learnings we’ve been given

The Enough for All strategy relies on principles including shared leadership, dignity for all, mobilizing awareness and empathy of inter-generational trauma, reducing racism and discrimination, and implementing the 94 calls to action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.