Taking action on the housing crisis

We’ve assembled new resources to tell Calgary City Council that housing can’t wait

29 January 2024

Housing has always been a core lever of the Enough for All strategy because access to affordable and appropriate housing decreases the likelihood that families and individuals will fall or remain in poverty. Over the past few years, the urgency of increasing the supply of housing in our city has become very clear.

In Sept. 2023 we joined forces with non-profits, groups, and individuals around the city in advocating for the City of Calgary’s housing strategy. The City is now starting to engage with the community on its rezoning plans to reduce the costs and timelines for permit approvals and allow for greater housing variety and options.

Vibrant Communities Calgary’s staff are not zoning experts, but we know that affordable and diverse housing options are necessary for a vibrant city. We also hear stories of the struggles people are having with rental increases and the limited supply of rental options. And, with every rent increase, more and more people risk becoming unhoused – about 115,000 Calgarians and 40,000 households are at extreme risk, and with each passing day, the situation gets worse.

Here's what we know

  • Adding new homes improves affordability as fewer people are competing against each other to find a home that fits their needs and budgets.
  • Calgary has a lack of housing options between single-family homes and high-rise apartment buildings and a need for varied types of housing according to these researchers.
  • This research says that reforming land use policy or zoning improves housing affordability.

What can you do?

What to say

  • I care about the affordability of rents in Calgary.
  • I support affordable housing, and implementing city-wide rezoning.
  • The City of Calgary’s new housing strategy is the right move for our city.
  • Here’s a document you can download to help you get started.
chalk outline drawing of a house on the side of a grey building

Access to affordable housing is a tool against poverty in our city

Access to affordable and appropriate housing decreases the likelihood that families and individuals will fall into or remain in poverty. As housing should cost no more than 30% of a person’s total income, a ‘total housing spectrum’ should be developed to ensure all people are housed in a dignified way and homelessness is prevented.