Cameron Heenan

What drives Cameron to push for a Calgary where there is Enough for All

"Being raised in Northern Ireland, a society torn apart over decades of violence and segregation, poverty was rarely discussed as a mainstream issue, and the faults in our society never allowed for the levers deterring poverty to be maximized. Now in Calgary, I am determined to showcase how poverty can be eradicated through partnership work, and crucially, to show poverty is not inevitable.

Engaging with youth who grew up in poverty,  I have always found it challenging to see young people growing up and accepting that their lives would be just like their parents'. As I entered the world of work, it was evident that poverty could be lurking around the corner, through no fault of their own. I am determined to show it absolutely does not need to be this way.

It takes all of us to build a fairer Calgary, and there are so many actors in society who can play their part. When these people come together and appreciate the work that can be done, it becomes evident that there really is enough for all. This will not be an easy task; but the prize is a precious one. A fair, prosperous, and inclusive Calgary where everyone can call home, raise a family and be proud to be a part of.

Enough For All is not the beginning or end of the process. It makes clear a roadmap of the long-term action required to fundamentally change our city. This is not about quick fixes or plugging the gaps; this is about cultural and societal change where poverty does not need to exist, and enabling young people and adults to grow with genuine hope for their future."

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