Stephanie Rösch

What drives Stephanie to push for a Calgary where there is Enough for All

"I truly believe there is enough for all-- enough kindness and resources so that all Calgarians can thrive. Calgary is my hometown, and I was taught from a young age that everyone is welcome in the community.

When I was attending university, a large component of my studies centered around learning about society – the current state of the world – with a challenge to shape its future. At that time, I wondered, how can one person change the world? Through my work at Vibrant Communities Calgary, I have learned the importance of connecting with people and how one small act can make a difference in someone's life.

As a parent, I want my child to grow up in an inclusive and fair society where she is surrounded by kind people and those who can be her mentor.

I want to make a difference in the lives of my neighbours, friends, and family. The team at Vibrant Communities Calgary are extraordinary and they have taught me so much about forming meaningful relationships while changing hearts and minds. I am still learning."

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