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Join us and pledge to help reduce poverty in our community

What is the personal pledge?

Enough for All is a deep and comprehensive strategy for helping to reduce poverty, but it alone can't help. It relies on many people across Calgary contributing to help implement strategies and use the Levers of Change to make a difference. One of the key points of the E4A strategy is to increase the number of individual Calgarians understanding and tackling poverty reduction.

  • Train crossing a bridge into Calgary
  • Empty swings

Not just a number, these are your neighbours


Calgarians living in poverty.

1 in 5

Albertans report food insecurity.


Households are forecast to be in housing need by 2025.

These numbers shouldn't discourage you. There are many ways you can help: from beginning a personal truth and reconciliation journey, engaging fellow Calgarians in conversation about Enough for All and poverty, to donating or volunteering directly with organizations that are making positive changes, you can make a difference by pledging to take action in your personal life.

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We can't do this alone. With your support, understanding, and presence in the community, you can personally help us work towards the goal of reducing poverty in Calgary.

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