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Quadrant: NW
81,285 (2016)
Households: 27,365 (2016)
Total contacts to 211* for basic needs: 239 (2020)

Communities: Ambleton, Arbour Lake, Citadel, Evanston, Glacier Ridge, Hamptons, Hawkwood, Kincora, Nolan Hill, Ranchlands, Sage Hill, Sherwood, Simons Valley Ranch

Through an online questionnaire, we heard that neighbours in Ward 2 have close interpersonal ties and that people like to help each other. There are local organizations and faith groups that help residents to access basic needs, community food programs and resources.

Community members identified the following key issues as concerns: childcare, employment, financial well-being, food security, affordable housing, mental health, transportation and appropriate cultural supports.

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Low income demographics (LIM-AT*, 2015)


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Statistics by category

Statistics relating to this ward, compiled from several separate surveys.

Income inequality

2016 graph of income distribution by sex in Calgary's Ward 2

What we heard

This section contains a snapshot of information provided by residents from this ward through an online questionnaire and interviews. The experience of poverty is unique and personal, and these comments do not reflect the entire ward.

When asked what poverty looks like in Ward 2, residents shared concerns about community members who are employed and working. They have low-paying jobs without benefits, overtime pay or paid sick leave. As a result, this makes them more vulnerable to poverty. People in the community have also observed a visible presence of homelessness, but related services are not accessible in the area.

Residents shared concerns about the lack of affordable childcare in the community, especially for lone-parent families that are underemployed. Community members accessing government transfers still need support to meet their basic needs, such as accessing a local food bank. We heard that community members struggle with unaffordable rent, and that some properties need investment in repairs and maintenance. Residents also described Ward 2 as a car- dependent community. While there are pathways for cycling, it is generally not a walkable community.


Residents from this ward shared the following ideas to help eliminate poverty from their community:

  • More public education about how to meet the needs of community members
  • More municipal programs rather than volunteer- funded and volunteer-supported programs
  • More supports for English literacy
  • Invest in affordable housing and affordable communities so that people will not need to move frequently to access housing
  • Invest in more grocery stores, community gardens and food forests
  • Provide more mental health supports in the community
  • Learn more about what cultural supports mean to the community
  • Community leaders should show the community that they care about equity-deserving and vulnerable communities, as well as issues related to justice

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