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Quadrant: NW/NE
90,575 (2016)
Households: 36,170 (2016)
Total contacts to 211* for basic needs: 806 (2020)

Communities: Beddington Heights, Brentwood, Cambrian Heights, Charleswood, Collingwood, Dalhousie, Edgemont, Greenview, Highland Park, Highwood, Huntington Hills, North Haven, North Haven Upper, Queens Park Village, Rosemont, Thorncliffe, Winston Heights/Mountview

Through an online questionnaire and interviews, we heard that Ward 4 community members look out for one another. There are strong relationships between volunteers, service providers and residents. We also heard that there are valuable community-led projects that support the community and build relationships.

Community members identified the following key issues as concerns: affordable childcare, employment, financial well-being, food security, affordable housing, and access to appropriate cultural supports.

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Low income demographics (LIM-AT*, 2015)


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Statistics by category

Statistics relating to this ward, compiled from several separate surveys.

Income inequality

2016 graph of income distribution by sex in Calgary's Ward 4

What we heard

This section contains a snapshot of information provided by residents from this ward through an online questionnaire and interviews. The experience of poverty is unique and personal, and these comments do not reflect the entire ward.

When asked what’s working well to address poverty in Ward 4, residents told us that school supports, food pantries, and breakfast and lunch programs support the community. Various faith groups and organizations also help community members to access basic needs and services. Residents told us that there are opportunities to connect and network with others at community centres and on social media.

When asked what poverty looks like in Ward 4, we heard that community members have observed a visible presence of homelessness. However, it is often very camouflaged and not always visible. This makes it difficult for people accessing supports and services. Food security was highlighted as a concern, as people have encountered high prices for nutritious food. We also heard that people have to move in and out of the community, seeking affordable housing opportunities.

The community identified employment as a key issue—in terms of job loss and low-wage jobs— which has led to financial stress. We heard that the impacts of mental and physical health, as well as addictions, have been experienced in the community. Affordable and available childcare is a concern, especially for lone-parent families. Community members also shared concerns about the challenges faced by seniors. Some are experiencing isolation due to COVID-19 and their benefits are not sufficient to cover medical and living expenses.


Residents from this ward shared the following ideas to help eliminate poverty from their community:

  • Increase accessible housing and rent-to-own opportunities
  • Improve access to subsidized programming, subsidized recreation opportunities and food programs
  • More opportunities for inclusion of diverse community members
  • More cultural supports, as people are travelling long distances to access them
  • Better access to information and resources, and more resources to assist people with filling out forms
  • More public transportation within the ward to help people access communities and services
  • More community-based afterschool programs for kids
  • Opportunities to access micro-business loans
  • Community programs, such as sports equipment rental and outdoor meeting spaces where residents can interact with one another
  • Senior citizen check-in programs
  • Supports for those with mental, physical and development disabilities, including snow shovelling and accessible walkways

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