Tax Filing Help

Not filing your taxes? You could be missing out!

20 January 2023

Two people sitting at a wood table consulting about taxes.

Not filing your taxes? You could be missing out!

Let’s face it, tax forms are intimidating, complex and require keeping track of receipts, forms and previous filings. Add a low-income to this equation and it’s even more of a challenge. The personal income tax system in Canada has become an important way for the government to deliver income support benefits, like the Canada Child Benefit and GST refunds. By not filing, many individuals and families may be losing out on thousands of dollars in benefits.

$179 million

Refunds, credits and benefits paid to Albertans using free tax clinics in 2021


Working-age Albertans don’t file their taxes


Calgarians living in homelessness who received the GST tax credit

Help is Available

For the 2023 tax season, many community organizations are hosting free tax clinics. Volunteers can help eligible people complete and file taxes for free. Links to these resources along with a few others are provided below:

What you need to file your taxes