An Alberta Guaranteed Basic Income: Issues and Options - Response from the Calgary Social Policy Collaborative

Members of the SPC identified a need for greater research capacity in the social services sector. To that end, 11 organizations pooled resources to financially support the work of social policy researchers at the University of Calgary’s School of Public Policy.

The second of two reports supported through this research partnership, An Alberta Guaranteed Basic Income: Issues and Options proposes a self-financing Alberta Guaranteed Basic Income (AGBI) made possible through modest changes to the tax system. This brief provides an overview of the context within which basic income discussions are unfolding, both locally and internationally; summarizes the key elements of the AGBI proposal; and offers an analysis through the lens of the SPC’s objective of informing the development and implementation of policies that improve economic and social well-being of Albertans.

Published 1 May 2019

Updated 8 February 2021