Calgary prepares for energy rates to hit record high on Tuesday

Rising rates will impact those who can least afford it says VCC's Meaghon Reid

31 July 2023

Calgary's electricity rates will be spiking if customers are on the Regulated Rate Option, which will be hitting a record high of 31.8 cents a kilowatt-hour. Customers can expect to pay more than $125 extra on their bills compared with those on fixed rates.

VCC's Meaghon Reid discussed energy poverty and how many people with issues with credit in the past have few options for locking into lower rates with the Calgary Herald.

“This RRO increase is affecting primarily people who can least afford to shoulder that additional cost,” she said. “We know that energy poverty affects about one-in-five residents in Alberta, and that means that you’re making some fairly significant trade-offs to be able to pay your electricity bills.”

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Energy Poverty

Energy poverty can be a never-ending cycling of unaffordable bills, arrears and disconnection, along with the inability or resources to make changes to improve efficiency. A family is in “energy poverty” if 6% or more of its net income is spent on energy bills, or double what the median Canadian household pays on energy.