Racism - A Root Cause of Poverty

3 June 2020

As we watch events unravel in the United States and Canada, we’re called on to reflect on our own history in Canada and the systemic racism that persists here at home. As part of Calgary’s Enough for All strategy, we recognize that racism is a root cause of poverty. We acknowledge the long-standing inequality that exists, particularly for our Indigenous brothers and sisters.

We are being called on, individually and collectively, to make space, to give room for all to be heard. Let’s take note of this moment in history, this familiar moment, when we can choose to remain as we are or make a change. Speak up, speak out. We hear you.

At VCC, we are working with our partners to engage our community in a conversation about racism, identifying how we can build capacity in the social sector to address racism as it relates to serving people in poverty, and reflecting on how this conversation directs the Enough for All strategy moving forward.

Have you had a conversation at home or in the Twitterverse, with friends, family, coworkers? We’d like to know more about what you’re hearing – what does our city need to do to address racism and its evident link to poverty? Email or shout out to us on Twitter @enoughforallyyc.

Read Calgary’s Enough for All 2.0 Poverty Reduction Strategy – one of the principles that guide our thinking and actions in reducing poverty is:

Reducing racism and discrimination and promoting diversity in the development and evaluation of policies, services, programs and workplace practices.Systemic racism, ageism, and exclusion make it more difficult for many Calgarians (including Indigenous peoples, new Canadians, visible minorities and aging populations) to access jobs and services, and to feel welcome and supported in the community.