Sparking conversations on what makes a city great

Today VCC launched three zines to get people talking about thriving communities

1 March 2024

What components are needed to have a city with enough for all? This is a question we often ask ourselves. When we add a futures thinking lens, we get many different perspectives and envision a future without limits. A future where change is possible. 

Alongside Enough for All Champions we explored building enough for all futures. The result of this thinking is a series of zines – colourful, comic-like creations. They tell a story, and we hope others will continue to add to the story and help us shape communities with enough for all.  

Keep imagining with us. Explore the zines, share your thoughts, print them – spark ideas and conversation in your circles. Many thanks to graphic artist Sam Hester for bringing these ideas to life. 

9 zines on a black background

Building Enough for All Cities

Futures thinking opens our collective imagination to consider what’s possible. To set us on a path to reach the future we want for our city. Explore the zines and share your thoughts!