Jaclyn Silbernagel

What drives Jaclyn to push for a Calgary where there is Enough for All

"I work for Vibrant Communities Calgary, and I support Enough for All because I believe that we live in a positive sum world --advancements for all leads to enhanced progress for everyone, everywhere. We have the power and responsibility to elevate others. I am a prairie kid who grew up in rural Alberta and has enjoyed the expanse of yellow canola, golden wheat fields and the closeness of the mountains. I have lived in Calgary most of my adult life with a few stints living outside Alberta, a year in Vancouver and three others across the pond in the UK. I love Canada because it’s full of possibilities and opportunities to approach life and business differently. I look forward to continuing to find ways, through my role at VCC, to disrupt the systems that are limiting these possibilities. I think it’s possible to share the risk that comes with change and design a better future. There is enough for all." 

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