Episode 3: My Neighbour’s Strength is My Strength

6 October 2021

In this episode, VCC’s Executive Director Meaghon Reid sits down with Mayor Naheed Nenshi. Mayor Nenshi is one of the original champions of the Enough for All strategy and emphasizes how ‘my neighbour’s strength is my strength.’ Listen to them discuss priorities for Calgary and poverty reduction and their optimism for the future.

Published 6 October 2021

Updated 6 April 2022

This episode of Let's Talk Poverty discusses continuing along the path of Reconciliation, insights from over a decade of serving as Calgary’s mayor, and why it makes a difference when we approach each other with kindness and understanding.

In this episode

  • Mayor Nenshi reflects on over a decade of service and what we’ve accomplished together with the Enough for All strategy
  • Considerations around who really holds power and solutions
  • Reflections on community, the voices of lived experience, the need for Reconciliation, and more

Three key takeaways

  • How pathways out of poverty are disappearing and the importance of the 3Ps – policy, programs and people
  • Barriers and opportunities, advice for navigating the multi-jurisdictional landscape
  • How taking the long view of Calgary shows the city’s progress and increases hopes for the future

About Mayor Naheed Nenshi

Naheed Nenshi is a passionate Calgarian, an accomplished business professional, and a community leader with a solid track record of getting things done. Sworn in as Calgary's 36th mayor on October 25, 2010 and re-elected in 2013 and 2017, Mayor Nenshi shares his vision for a community-driven Calgary and emphasizes that ‘my neighbour’s strength is my strength.’

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